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It is very difficult to manage a home when you are physically 1,000 miles away. I had several major issues that Matt dealt with. One was a freezer full of food that had rotted. Matt removed it, cleaned the area and eliminated the odor.
Next, I had a failed sump pump and water in the basement. Once again, Matt to the rescue. When he notice mold developing, he advised me on the solution. It was necessary to treat it and then remove contents from the home so that mold would not take over.
The cleaning everything out of the house was a major job. Matt and his wife, Heather were very compassionate and understanding of the emotional toll it had on me. They contacted me when they found something that they thought I might want to keep. They took pictures so that I could make decisions about things, too. That was very supportive for me. In addition, Matt took items I wanted to donate to the sites I indicated.
Matt was extremely reliable and responded immediately when contacted. He went above and beyond just coming in to do a job and leaving. He followed through to assure that I was completely satisfied.
It was a total blessing and pleasure to work with Healthy Home Solutions. I like to support local small businesses, and would highly recommend Healthy Home Solutions for whatever job you might need to have performed.

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